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Hunan Ethnic Crafts, the maker of Shenaini products, was established by Paul and Dorothy Lacy in 2004 to introduce the unique and beautiful handmade textiles of the Miao hilltribes women of Central China to markets around the world. We are an American couple who fell in love with the Miao people and their hand embroidered products and decided to live and work among them.

Our desire is to encourage the beautiful handcraft skills of the Miao people and employ as many seamstresses and embroiderers as possible.

Our factory is located on t he second floor of our home in Fenghuang, a popular tourist destination in western Hunan.  

You can watch this introduction video about our hand embroidery items.

Please read this very Important Note

We are still keep updating this website, more and more pictures of Shenaini products will be uploaded soon. At this moment, you can visit the website, look at the products, but before you place an order, please email us at HunanCrafts@gmail.com for the purchasing process. We can take care the instant orders.

We are still working on the checkout system, and looking forward to present the new Shenaini website with online shopping function by the end of May. By then, you can be ordering Shenaini products easily.

Please send us an email, we will keep you posted!

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Shenaini - Handmade items by Miao people!

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